May 29, 2024

Motion. At first sight something very trivial, yet important and perplexing. People have been studying motion for thousands of years until 1687. The year 1687 is when Isaac Newton first formulated his three laws of motion that made our understanding of the physical world deeper than ever. This theory was so ahead of their time that some scientists believe Newton to be the most revolutionary physicist of all time. But even his laws were not perfect. In 1905 came Albert Einstein who formulated his Special Theory of Relativity describing motions of objects at immense speeds. This is the time that another theory had started to develop, a theory that would change our understandings and perceptions of reality. In 1900, the first cornerstone of Quantum Mechanics was laid.

So what is Quantum Mechanics?
Quantum is the latin word for amount, now meaning the smallest possible discrete unit of any physical property, as energy and matter. This word was first used  related to physics by Max Planck in his presentations(You’ll get to know more about him further in the blogs).
Such as Classical Physics deals with the objects from the macro-world, objects that we can see and are big and which we ordinarily deal with, likewise, quantum Physics/mechanics deals with objects from the micro-world, objects which cannot be seen with the naked eye like particles and atoms. This states that these objects from the so called micro-world behave nothing like their counterparts in the macro-world and different theories govern the understandings, although, the particles and atoms, governed by the quantum rules, are what make up the objects, governed by the classical rules.
Over the period of years there have been ground breaking, incomprehensible, astonishing, amazing theories. The only requirement you all need is one important tool, the tool of IMAGINATION. Imagination is the only thing needed to understand and unravel the enigma of the universe.
There may be some theories which do not make sense or you aren’t able to comprehend. Don’t worry. Even the physicists who made these theories didn’t understand them, so you aren’t the only one. One of the most famous and beloved physicist of all time Richard Feynman, who had a lot to contribute to the field of quantum mechanics, once had to say:
“If you think you understand quantum mechanics, then you don’t understand quantum mechanics.”
“I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.”
And a point to note is that most of the physicist like Shrödinger and Einstein used the vedas like the upanishad to get ideas of the theory. Ans also theories like Quantum Superposition is taken from the upanishad.
Even I, most of the time don’t understand quantum mechanics.
And I read the upanishad and ideas of the theories of superposition . the upanishad is an interesting and an intellectual read and provides insight to life. I recommend this book for people to read.

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