May 30, 2024
WHERE ARE WE IN THIS OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE?  (photo credits to Hubble space telescope)

Universe – a vast expanse beyond human imagination. Where are we located in this expanse of emptiness and darkness? What is our address in space?

If aliens existed, have you ever wondered how would they communicate and locate our “beloved” Earth in the universe which is believed to be expanding? There are no facilities like Google maps in space. That’s the reason we need our own address but the main question is what is it. That is the reason why I’m witting this blog.

Our Address:



The Universe (photo credit to NASA)

UNIVERSE Universe is a vast expanse of emptiness. It consists of everything! Including YOU, planets, galaxies, stars, space, gases,………. and even time itself. It is often referred to as “Cosmos”. It is believed that the universe is continuously expanding but we have not still answered the question how? or why? So one can say that the universe is infinite. The universe which we can observe is called the observable universe.




LANIAKEA – Our home supercluster
also known as the “Local supercluster” or once known as the”Virgo supercluster”. Laniakea is Hawaiian for ‘immeasurable heaven’. Galaxies tend to huddle in groups called clusters; regions, where these clusters are densely packed, are known as superclusters. Milky Way is one of the galaxies in the supercluster. 


The Local Group


LOCAL GROUP – A group of galaxies which contain more than 50 galaxies, for example, the Milky Way, Andromeda galaxy and Triangulum galaxy (the three largest and brightest galaxies).




Milky way




MILKY WAY – The galaxy in which we live in!




Orion spiral arm


ORION SPIRAL ARM – A spiral shape of the Milky way galaxy where the Solar system lies in. It is near the boundaries
of the Milky way.



Our Solar System



SOLAR SYSTEM – A place where 9 planets orbit a huge star called SUN. The nine planets are (in order):    Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.






EARTH – A blue planet know for inhabiting life. It is our ‘Home Sweet Home’.


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  1. Marvellous blog. I would love to read more and interesting blogs of yours Dirgh. I appreciate the effort you took. Hope you write more!
    _Shubham Bargaje.

  2. Enthralling. You should write more 🙂 Almost felt like a drop in the ocean.. And as they say: A proficient writer makes you visualise, so did you! Keep up the good work, Dirgh!

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