May 29, 2024
Day 3  (21 / 06 / 2018)
I was much hyped for day 3 which started with us visiting the Natraj statue at CERN, Natraj is an avatar of Lord Shiva dancing. CERN, quintessentially is a place of science, a religion free and atheistic place, I wondered why would a Natraj statue be there? I had read and heard all about the conspiracy theories on CERN – all are very unbelievable and funny. So I wondered about why there was an idol in the entire institute. I enquired and found out that the idol was actually a gift from India representing the birth of the universe. I was really excited to see something from my country at CERN So we took many pictures there and then left for the most awaited lecture, and the reason for my hype, at CERN.   
I was going to meet Sir John Ellis, yes he’s a doctorate and knighted!!! He was going to give us a lecture.  He is the person who coined the term “Theory of Everything” and he is known for penguin diagrams. He is one of the leading physicists studying Super Symmetry (SUSY), and if SUSY is proved he may be awarded with a Nobel. Additionally, I had written some e-mails about my blog and questions I have about the universe (which I haven’t got a reply from yet – I know he needs to focus on solving the mysteries of the universe, so he might have time). His lecture, personally, was the best. He started the lecture by asking us the important questions that we need to answer (questions developed on Gauguin’s 3 questions). Then he moved on to explain the standard model by using the equation. He also taught us about supersymmetry and dark matter and ways to detect it. He is a great scientist and is hilarious. While explaining us about the Higgs Boson and its discovery – He turned the concept into a parody of the movie “James Bond: The World is Not Enough” to “The Standard Model is Not Enough” and then explained why the standard model isn’t enough. His lecture was outstanding. After his lecture, I went to him and informed him about numerous e-mails I had written and thanked him for inspiring him. He also gave me his autograph; it was the best moment in my life, I was standing in front of my hero. That day felt surreal. I am truly very lucky. Then we took a group photo screaming HIGGS!!    
His lecture was followed by Dr. Daniel Lellouch who lectured us on space-time, general relativity and looking for dark matter. This lecture was very interesting and intriguing. We learned a lot about dark matter, its significance and different ways to detect dark matter.
Then we left for the CERN cafeteria, where we devoured our lunch. Post lunch, we visited the Microcosm, taking a journey through the full-scale monumental experiments and devices at CERN. The exhibit was very enthralling, talking with the people behind the building of this extraordinary machine and following the path of hydrogen protons from the red-grey bottle of hydrogen, through the accelerators, and onto the collisions inside the vast experiments. All the things I had read about were actually right in front of me.  We also saw a working cosmic ray detector.
After this long day, we left for our hotel, where we were out into teams and were given a 4 page filled with treasure hunt questions – It was time for DISCOVER GENEVA TREASURE HUNT, designed by The Great Dr. Mick Storr. He always had something up his sleeve, he knew how to make the day exciting. 
We left on our own, following the directions from Gare Cornivan to where the questions take us. It was mind-blowing and incredible. There is no better way to discover a city. It was amazing, I had a marvelous experience getting to know the city, and we had lots of time to interact with locals and getting to know the real city. I had the opportunity to converse in French, taking the tram, exploring the city by foot and visiting major landmarks. I had never explored any city this way and frankly speaking it was my best trip ever I thoroughly loved it. 
Day 4  (22 / 06 / 2018)
Sad is an understatement to what I felt on that day because this was gonna be my last day at CERN, but the memories I had pleased me, I was exhilarated that I got a chance to visit CERN  and interact with the professors there. I was going to enjoy every bit of my last day there.  
It was about medical applications of physics and research at CERN given by Dr. Manjit Dosanjh. She told us about applications of particle physics in medical instruments and practices like in the field of radiology and PES (Positron Emission Topography). This was a very interesting lecture and one of the best at CERN. We learned a lot, I barely had information on this topic so I was very inquisitive about it, the lecture was very informative. 
After this remarkable lecture, we went to a lab, where we met Dr. Mick again. It was time to build our own cosmic ray detector analogous to the one we saw at the Microcosm. So we were put into teams and then asked to follow instructions and make the detector. It was easier than it looked. The model to the naked eye seemed complex and sophisticated but it was rather simple to assemble and build. After we finished making the detector, we switched off the lights and observed. We were looking for evidence to prove cosmic rays, with the help of a torch. Our minds were blown, I was perplexed and astonished by the results we were able to observe. We could see white worm like spots in the mist which is a proof for the ionising cosmic rays present everywhere around us. Now I can say that I have successfully built a working detector in less than 15 minutes. It was incredible and breathtaking.
We could not visit the major detectors like CMS and the LHC and the tunnel because they were all currently being used but it just leaves me wanting to come back, after all the next time I visit  CERN I should be able to admire these instruments personally.  Maybe I might be able to give kids like me a tour someday. 
We all thanked Dr. Mick Storr for that entire he had done and made possible for us and left CERN, hopefully not for the last time. 
People say that looks can be deceiving, absolutely false in my scenario CERN is everything that I had heard, read and dreamt about. I met my heroes at CERN and they were better than what I had imagined them to be like, incredibly smart, humorous, kind and awesome. I want to become a theoretical physicist someday, so people, here, tell me that it is a very boring job, it would take years for me to get a breakthrough, my work environment would be dull and monotonous but  CERN crashes all these myths about being a dull workplace , in fact it is a very lively place, you get to interact with so many people that any day there is fun. The universe is still an enigma to us, and getting a chance to unravel the mysteries here, doesn’t sound boring at all. Its what I love about physics and after this trip, I motivated as ever to pursue my dreams harder, for I have seen the heaven for knowledge and I want nothing more than to be there.  I loved this trip, and to put it in simple words ‘Best trip ever’.
Thank you LIFE LAB FOUNDATION, Ms. Prachi Jha, Mr. Ivneet Singh, Dr. Mick Storr, Dr. Archana Sharma, Dr. Albert De Roeck, Sir John Ellis, Dr. Daniel Lellouch, and Dr. Manjit Dosanjh for organizing this trip and taking some time out from your busy schedule and making this happen. I want to become a physicist and after coming here my ambitions have become clearer. I’m very excited and have realized there is so much more to learn so I shouldn’t waste time.
We also visited many other fun amazing places like the Chamonix and ate at terrific restaurants. My favorite being the Lebanese place – Parfums de Beyrouth. Thank you Ivneet sir and Prachi ma’am for making this amazing once in a lifetime trip worthy of the name and also suggesting us delicious restaurants ?.

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