May 29, 2024
Time, just time, a complexity in itself. There are many theories till date but no proven fact or proof that can be seen, just mere theories which may be proven wrong or updated in the years coming. So is Time actually Time or an illusion? Is Time what a clock reads?

I, personally, take great interest in this so called ‘Time’ as for me it’s very perplexing.

Is time a measurement of how long, for example, a student takes to finish his/her homework or travel OR is time a schedule, a plane when something should be done or should happen OR time is the inner process that animates consciousness and experience OR is it a medium we travel through to reach destinations like past or the future as discussed in my previous blog related to time travel OR a valuable substance like money as you all may have heard your mom’s screaming, “Bla don’t waste your time,……”(just joking). So what is time actually? Why has it baffled physicists for centuries?

Time is the most important things in physics, without it its almost impossible to explain basic phenomenons like motion(speed) which is meters per second. Second is the unit of time so without time we cannot explain motion at all.

In classical physics light is defined as a scalar fundamental quantity (like length and mass). BORING!!

The Dimensions Of Space (credit: ME)

I think time as a fabric of reality, a fabric which makes our universe. Time is the fourth dimension helping us to locate in 4d(we presume the universe). Confusing right! You can think time as an axis, like the x and y axis in maths.

Time is linked to the motion in space, so time, itself, is moving slowly for an object moving. Why don’t we see motions effect on time here, on Earth – because the fastest motions here on Earth have the tiniest impact on time so we don’t experience it. This effect it real it can be measured, was measured and we have proof. The scientists, back then in 1971, took a couple of atomic clocks on a jet flying around the world and compared the time to the atomic clocks on the ground. To their amazement the two clocks no longer agreed, they differed by only a few hundred billionth of a second, very small amount but enough to prove the connection between space and time. This concepts of time and three-dimensional space regarded as fused in a four-dimensional SPACE-TIME.

This connection between space and time helped us realise that this sharp difference we see between past present and future may only be an illusion. – (the concepts of past present future is furthur described in my previous blog Time Travel.)

Time is a component quantity of various measurements used to sequence events, to compare the duration of events or the intervals between them, and to quantify rates of change of quantities in material reality or in the conscious experience.

At the end the reality is timeless. Time has no end and no beginning, so maybe time is an illusion after all as everything has a beginning and an end.

After all Time is Confusing.

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  1. Read your previous blog and this one also. The way you kept a connection between previous blog, admirable. I like the way you have ended the blog with a simple but hard hitting reality tagline. Looking forward for next blog.

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