May 30, 2024

This is my theory on the multiverse (can be a little philosophical) –

I relate probability to infinity, infinity to cosmos. A situation can have a stellar number of probabilities – from which knowingly or unknowingly we choose one of them. As quantum mechanics states that we dont know the state, location, spin or anything about the particle until it is observed – similarly I think this doesn’t only apply to the micro world but also the macro world like Schrödinger’s Cat but what Schrödinger failed to mention is that the cat didn’t have only 2 possible outcomes – dead or alive, it could also be alive but with some organ failures or some other problem until it is observed.

Life is full of choices, and universe is full of maybes.

I believe that there are infinite earths for every possible outcome of a situation to occur, and we are in a state of flux – we our in a superposition – our state, location, mood are indefinite until we make a choice (observed). After we do, as there are innumerable earths with stellar possibilities, our location is determined in one of the earths with that probability. So, in short the universe make interminable copies of a point in time, making infinite copies of earths – each one where you and i have made a different choice leading to different pasts and futures eventually leading to different personalities making a MULTIVERSE or i would like to call it a PROBABILITIVERSE – a universe in which on one earth the nazis won the world war, one where you are not living, one where you are reading this. There are endless possibilities. So there cannot be 2 earths with a same situation and outcome.

It is like a game of chess, for a situation the are many possible moves – the future of the game is decided when one plays a particular move, if played a different move the opponents move will also change, changing the game altogether. Life is like a game of chess, changing and determined on each move.

So there is nothing like destiny, your future is in your hands dependent on your choices. If you are hell-bent and determined with making the right choices your future will mould as per your will, you can write your own destiny. Choices made yesterday make you today.

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