May 29, 2024

Adventure, as per me, is being one with nature. I love sleeping under the stars or in a dense jungle in a tent while poisonous spiders and snakes prepare to feast on me. However, who said you can’t be one with nature living in luxurious dwellings.

While travel is restricted during this time, here are some unique and stunning hotels that you can daydream about and plan to visit in the future! I have already added them to my bucket list.

1. Skylodge Adventure Suites, Peru

Skylodge Adventure Suites, a series of transparent capsules hanging from a mountain like nests in the Sacred Valley of Peru, is the ultimate resort for adrenaline junkies. To spend the night or to just enjoy the view, guests must hike and climb up to 400m. These pods are perfect for relaxing with Peruvian wine and watching the majestic and picturesque view of the sacred valley home to Andean Condors and native vultures whose wingspan reach up to 10 feet.

2. Levin Iglut, Finland

Ever dreamt of spending your night under the stars with the stunning view of the northern lights? Well, you can have this very experience at Levin Iglut in Finland. Here you get a chance to live in a secluded glass igloo which commands breathtaking views of the frozen boreal forests and lakes which are home to reindeers and elks. Get ready to be spoilt.

3. Kale Konak, Turkey

I have such fond memories of this place. Kale Konak, according to me, is the finest cave hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey. This cave hotel is situated right across the famous Uçhisar Castle. This position means it has an incredible view of the basalt castle next door as well as Cappadocia’s weird but stunning landscape filled with fairy chimneys and hot air balloons. Life began in the town of Uçhisar in 2000 BC and so living in these beautiful caves is the closest you are ever going to come to history. The hotel had 17 rooms connected through tunnels carved in the stone, a restaurant, a garden area (my favourite place) and a Turkish Hamam bath free for the guests!!!!! There are many cave hotels in Uçhisar but Kale Konak stands out. Its manager was so friendly, plus I enjoyed playing with his dogs and cats and the breakfast there was amazing. The best I have had. If I ever go back to Cappadocia, I am definitely going to stay at Kale Konak, sit in the garden, sip Turkish tea in those curvy, handle-less and transparent glasses and relax while watching the sunset over the beautiful weird landscape.

4. Jules’ Undersea Lodge, United States

The only way to get to your room by scuba diving!! Jules’ Undersea Lodge is the first and only underwater hotel in the world and is located in the lagoon at Key Largo Undersea Park in Florida. Living 30 feet below the surface, viewing portals in the rooms allow you to view the incredible underwater views and everything you need will be in the lodge. There are beds, hot showers, books, movies and also a kitchen. Although you won’t need a kitchen, a scuba diver will arrive at your underwater doorstep and deliver a fresh warm pizza in a waterproof delivery box!

5. Jade Mountain Resort, St Lucia

Constructed in one of nature’s most alluring setting, Jade Mountain resort is a symbol of organic architecture. This is an all-inclusive resort and is the most luxurious resort out of the 10 listed here. Whether it’s travelling through the rainforest, botanical gardens, driving into a volcano, or going on deep-sea fishing excursions, Jade Mountain is the perfect resort. The infinity pools with the scenic view of St Lucia give you the ultimate relaxing experience.

6. Treehotel, Sweden

Every architect’s dream, the Treehotel in Sweden provides you with the perfect escape from the busy city life to become one with nature. This stunning forest hotel offers 7 unique and incredible rooms varying from the mirror cube to The UFO to the bird’s nest all in the picturesque and majestic landscape. Living in the trees allows you to watch the surrounding wildlife without disturbing or alarming them. Additionally, the views of the landscape, the night sky and the northern lights is a view to die for.

7. Attrap’Rêves, France

Attrap’Rêves situated near Marseille offers chic, eco-friendly, comfortable and beautiful bubble homes. According to me, they are just a classier version of tents but sometimes with a WC and a hot shower. You can lie back in these transparent and private bubbles and gaze at the stars. The bubbles provide a unique and relaxing experience no matter when you visit them. Attrap’Rêves meaning dreamcatcher in English is the perfect name for these dreamy pods.

8. Soneva Jani, Maldives

Soneva Jani is the perfect destination for marine life lovers. In addition to living in these lavish homes where a slide directly takes you into the open water from your bedroom, you can go snorkelling and scuba diving in one of the plushiest waters on the planet. You can also visit the overwater observatory. And after you done exploring the marine life, you can relax on the private white-sand beaches, cycle on the boardwalk and watch the beautiful sunsets. Soneva Jani is the epitome of luxury and beauty.

9. Whitepod, Switzerland

Unlike the igloos and the bubble homes, these geodesic pods camouflage and blend in with nature be it summer or winter. Whitepod the mountain resort in Switzerland has its own ski slopes where guests can ski, snowboard, ride a snow-mobile and go-karts on the private hill and have a blast. Summer is just as adventurous, you can go paragliding and ride dig-karts. Whitepod also has access to many treks and hikes all throughout the year where you can explore nature and see the local wildlife there. And the view from the rooms is amazing.

10. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is my favourite out of the 10. Located at the edge of the enormous volcanic crater, this luxurious lodge provides you with stunning views of the picturesque Ngorongoro Conservation Area which is home to a remarkable density of wildlife in Tanzania. Every year a shallow lake fills the Ngorongoro Crater making the crater a watering hole and a breathtaking natural wonder. The lake is covered in brilliant pink when flamingoes come to drink water during their migration through the Rift Valley and are surrounded by beautiful animals like the elephants and zebras. At this lodge, you do not need to go on a safari to see these beautiful animals, they come to you in front of your rooms. At this magical lodge, you can go beyond the doors of your safari vehicle and participate in a guided bird hike down the walls of Ngorongoro Crater, or spend the day with Hadzabe bushmen learning survival skills and traditional hunting techniques.

Comment which one is your favourite hotel you want to go to !!

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